Founded by Dr. Deborah Friedman, the first board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist in the Bay Area, Animal Eye Care has grown to be one of the region’s most respected specialty practices for three simple reasons:

  • We’re good at what we do, and have a track record of excellent results.
  • We treat people and their pets with respect and compassion.
  • Primary care veterinarians feel confident that their patients will receive excellent care when they refer them to us.

Animal Eye Care strives to find creative solutions to struggles that often become commonplace in the veterinary world. With a remote team supporting the on the ground staff, we have worked to develop a multifaceted system that not only supports but also betters the day to day interactions our doctors have with clients and pets seeking top level care. Over the years, thinking outside the box has become a pivotal element in not only the care we provide for our patients, but also in the fluidity and functionality of our overall workforce.

At the same time, we have developed and retain a culture of candor that we believe supports our doctors in new and innovative ways that many corporate owned organizations struggle to achieve. As we will mention in greater depth below, the location is spectacular, but it’s important to note the culture our practice strives to support.

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The Location Speaks For Itself:

We think that our geographic location alone is enough! The Bay Area is a huge region anchored by the San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley metropolitan areas. It offers a tremendous geographical, architectural, economic and cultural diversity. If that isn’t enough, we are within a half-day’s drive to many incredible world-class tourist destinations, including Yosemite, Squaw Valley, Napa Valley wine region and Lake Tahoe. We truly have it all here! Our four beautiful locations cover all corners of the bay and are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment including diagnostic imaging and comprehensive laboratory capabilities and we use the most up to date medical therapies.

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A Company Built Around People:

We are proud of the relationships we have built and nurtured with local referring veterinarians for over 20 years. We are dedicated to supporting the veterinary community by providing exceptional ophthalmic care and services. We know that strong collaborations among veterinarians will strengthen the veterinary profession and provide the most ideal care for our patients. We keep an open line of communication with every doctor that refers patients to us as we know we are an extension of their care. Our ophthalmologists will involve the referring veterinarian after every exam, diagnostic test, and/or surgical procedure.

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Blending Work With Lifestyle:

We are privately held, not corporate owned which means we have the flexibility to adjust our work schedules to best fit our lifestyle. We are committed to providing environments that support work-life balance for our staff, and in return we are experiencing a more loyal and productive team. We have protocols in place to ensure our days run as smoothly as possible and we build upon the individual team member’s strengths. Our goal is to leave the day energized after a hard day’s work knowing that we did the best we could for our patients and peers.