As the first board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist practice in the Bay Area, Animal Eye Care has grown to be one of the region’s most acclaimed specialty practices for three distinct reasons:

  • We are focused on providing optimal care by utilizing the latest technologies and innovative practices available.
  • We treat our pets and their humans with respect and compassion.
  • Primary care veterinarians across the Bay Area have entrusted us with their patients and are confident that they will receive excellent care when they refer them to us.

Animal Eye Care strives to find creative solutions to commonplace struggles in the veterinary world. The unique and forward-thinking integration of our onsite team with our remote clinical staff allows our ophthalmologists to focus on the most important thing: our patients! We have worked to develop a multifaceted system that not only supports but also betters the day to day interactions our doctors have with clients and pets seeking top level care. This, combined with our utilization of new technology and innovations, allows the potential for scalability and a stronger relationship with our clients and their furry friends. As we maintain a busy caseload, well-established clientele, and advanced imaging, we’re proud to be a privately held company, and we intend to stay that way.


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The Location Speaks For Itself

Located near San Francisco in the heart of the Bay Area, you’ll find an enriching and eclectic community to explore and enjoy. The weather is Mediterranean and beautiful year-round, inviting you to spend your leisure time in the great outdoors. Nearby Silicon Valley ensures a consistent and valuable demographic of clients. The Bay Area is a welcoming community, ever-growing and full of excitement. It offers a tremendous geographical, architectural, economic and cultural diversity. We are within a half-day’s drive to many incredible, world-class tourist destinations, including Yosemite, Squaw Valley, Napa Valley wine region and Lake Tahoe. We truly have it all! Our three beautiful locations cover all corners of the bay, are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and implement the most up to date medical therapies.

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A Company Built Around People

At Animal Eye Care, we have our cake and eat it too. Decisions are made inclusively and on the ground, and we make every effort to sustain our community-driven values. We believe that we can uphold these values, while still offering all the resources and benefits of a larger corporation.

We are a company which values uplifting and empowering each other, as we know that our success can only be defined by our internal culture. We place safety above all else, as it relates to our operation and how we care for our patients and clients. From there, we focus on courtesy and hospitality, as these are the ways we best demonstrate our compassion for each other and our professionalism, extending that warm welcome and optimal standard of care to our clients and their pets. We also value efficiency in regards to our clients and their busy lives, as well as our accessibility and availability to welcome new clients into our practice.

We are proud of the relationships we have built and nurtured with local referring veterinarians for over 20 years. We are dedicated to supporting the veterinary community by providing exceptional ophthalmic care and services. We know that strong collaborations among veterinarians will strengthen the veterinary profession as a whole and provide the most ideal care for our patients. We keep an open line of communication with every doctor that refers patients to us, as we know we are an extension of their care. Our ophthalmologists will involve the referring veterinarian each step of the way – after every exam, diagnostic test, and/or surgical procedure.

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Every Voice is Welcome 

We believe that inclusion and diversity only make us stronger as a company, as a team, and as a member of our larger community. We want our employees and our clients to see their own backgrounds, unique perspectives and experiences reflected and celebrated here. We understand and seek to embody the fact that each diverse view contributes to our ability to come together as a group and drive optimal success for all. We support and come alongside one another as both advocates and allies. As a smaller, privately-owned practice, we have the agency and ability to utilize our resources in such a way that promotes an environment where everyone is able to have a very real and impactful seat at the table. We recognize each individual is valuable not only for the work that they do and the skills that they share, but for the multi-faceted viewpoints they embody. This is an ongoing effort and we are continuously working to cultivate a dynamic, unified team that is integral to the way we define success in the present and establish our goals for the future.


Work-Life Integration

We are committed to providing environments that support work-life integration for our staff, and in return we experience a more loyal and productive team. We have protocols in place to ensure our days run as smoothly as possible, and we build upon the individual team member’s strengths in order to optimize our collective safety, courtesy, hospitality, and efficiency. Our goal is to feel energized after a diligent day’s work, knowing that we provided optimal care and compassion for our clients, patients, and one another.


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