Elizabethan Collar is an essential tool for helping your pet recover from his or her eye problem as soon as possible. Dogs and cats do not understand that rubbing the eye may cause serious damage. Most animals will learn to tolerate the “cone” after 24 to 48 hours. We understand that this is not easy for them or for you, but even a few minutes of rubbing can make things much worse.

Here are a few tips to make things easier:

It is best to leave the cone on all the time rather than attempt to remove it and put it back on again.

If you do need to remove it, you can try to slide it off frontwards, but in most cases you will need to unlace the plastic.

It is important that the cone extend at least one inch beyond the end of the animal’s nose.

Your pet can eat and drink with the cone. The dish should be smaller than the widest diameter of the cone and be slightly raised, so the animal can put the cone on the floor around the dish.

Make sure that the plastic is not rubbing on the animal’s neck and causing sores. If this happens, wrap the edge of the plastic with a t-shirt, bandana, or other soft material.